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Drop In Shower Open House

Come aboard the Open House train!

Everyone's been to an Open House for a graduation, anniversary or retirement party. Aren't they convenient? Guests can arrive when they want to and stay as long (or little) as they desire. Then why not host those other important events - bridal and baby showers - in the same fashion? If Great Aunt Ethyl wants to stay from start to finish so she doesn't miss anything, that's fine. But the honorees’ millennial cousins will be more than happy to not have to watch lengthy gift opening or play goofy games.


It can be called Drop In, Come and Go, Stop By or simply a Shower Open House.  A time frame of 2 to 4 hours is generally provided, depending on the number of guests. The bride and groom or parents-to-be can greet guests individually,  or the host can brief the arrivals.  Food is kept fresh for the entire event and generally served buffet style.  Presents can be opened instantly in front of the giver. Gifts could also be placed at the table of the guest and the honoree can make her/his way around the tables and open presents. Other modes of choosing can also be implemented into the party.  Games such as jar guessing games, baby due date, guess the honeymoon and other fun trivia related to the occasion can still be played. Guests can also enter for door awards. Since the winners may have left before the party is over, prizes should be light items such as gift cards that can be easily mailed. 


All of these non-traditional ideas make for more one-on-one visiting with the honoree and guests can mingle with others instead of only those at their table. This is especially nice when the groom's family doesn't know the bride's, or when the new baby is in attendance.  Invitees will appreciate the flexibility of stopping by on their own schedule.  Book the Pennsy Depot Banquet Room and we’ll help you be full steam ahead to your party destination.

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