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It was early February 2018 when Juli Charlesworth, the conductor of the Pennsy Depot Banquet Room, expanded her accounting and tax practice of over 25 years to Valparaiso.  Ironically, both the Wanatah office of Charlesworth Financial Services and the new location are near the former Pennsylvania Railroad tracks.  The venture came to a crossing in September 2019 and Juli, along with her family, decided to move full steam ahead and purchase the property at 2000 Comeford Road, Valparaiso.  The office station has a conference room which was rarely used prior to the purchase by the Charlesworths.  The whistle sounded and Ray and Juli, Riley and Justene started a new business track:  banquet room rentals for up to 32.  We hope that some day a journey will bring you all aboard and The Pennsy Depot Banquet Room will help make your event special.

Railroad Ties

the beginning Spikes

An investment group set out to build an office building in 2006.  A long time area physician and his friend, the president of a local business, were among the investors.  These two were the primary engineers  of the design and construction of the building.  They thought since it would be so close to the railroad tracks, it would be cool if it looked similar to a RR station. They bought some RR books for building ideas.  An architect designed the structure to fulfill their office needs and resemble a railroad depot.  The setting, lighting and décor put it on the right track.  Being that the rail line nearby was the former Pennsylvania Railroad and the conference room needed a name, it was decided that "Pennsy Depot Meeting Room" would fit well with the theme of the building.  The Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce presented Porter County Development Corporation the 2007 Community Improvement Award for their Penn Station at the junction of Comeford and Sturdy roads, just north of the tracks.

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